Morning Workouts

At 5 AM can’t say why I do them. In fact I can’t  say much of anything. It’s a bunch of non caffeinated gibberish. My husband can’t understand me. Good thing the gym check in gal recognizes me. She gives me “the nod”, even though my worn out finger print doesn’t work at the check in station (apparently too many years of working with my hands). I give her a blurry eyed glaze as she says  “have a great workout”.  I keep a bunch of not so nice words under my breath, and carry on to whatever is in the plan.


But, I must say the after glow- well worth it.  I bust out of there with endorphin powered energy ready to conquer the day. K, maybe that lasts until I get to the car. However, I feel some of that hard work stays with me all day. I’m calmer (so I think), and I sleep much better (this I know).

Plus, it follows the philosophy a teacher once explained to me over  a decade ago. “If you take care of yourself, then you can more effectively help others around you.” When you work in a health care field taking care of others, or are a mom, husband, brother, aunt, friend,  this is one important lesson to understand.

Please my friends, in this fast paced world take the time to take care of yourself. Not only will you thank yourself, but the people you come in contact with will appreciate and thank you as well.

Need ideas? Where do you start? Check out the Body Tips page, or this quick and easy home workout.

A easy whole body strengthener, before or after work, or while the kiddies are napping.

15 Minute Full Body Strengthener

Complete each exercise to fatigue (approx 12-15 repetitions)  three sets

Bridging (Single or double leg) (pics from an older post)

Push ups (on the knees or not)

Planks with leg kick, and then bring knee to chest (pics from the Healthy Diva)

Triceps dips

not me ;)- source

Mini Lunges with bicep curls with weights or soup cans


Or, check out the Shaky leg workout by Colourful Palate

Remember to stretch when you are finished!

Me 😉

PS-  My healthy Rice and Shrimp bowl was featured on Fit Sugar! Yay!