What is a Stress Fracture?

Having an active lifestyle is so important to maintain a healthy body and mind. But, sometimes we can over do it. A while back I wrote a peice on over training. These days I have been better about listening to my body, and have a better balance with Yoga, running and hiking. It is easy to cross the line, and some weeks I really have to hold myself back and have a Restorative Yoga Session.

However, in the clinic I do see patients with overuse stress fractures from excessive activities with not enough rest between sessions. Sometimes these stress fractures are diagnosed late because the patient is unaware of the symptoms, or other times the patient just push through pain.

fallbrook trail3

One of the most effective ways to avoid a stress fracture is to stop if there is continued pain or soreness. There is a time to push through fatigued muscles, and there is a time for rest. There is a fine line to building, and overdoing. If you feel your mind becoming caught up in the “I must”, or “I have to”, stop and review the reasons you feel this way. Are these thoughts stemming from fears? Remember, if you take care of yourself now more training days will come again quick. If you ignore signals the body is sending you, training and just doing activities you enjoy, won’t be available for weeks or even months down the road.

Just ListenSome reasons why a stress fracture may occur:

  • Prolonged training sessions
  • Impact forces
  • Training on hard surfaces
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Inability for muscle strength to keep up with activity
  • Over training
  • Misalignment
  • Change in diet (malnutrition) or change in menstrual cycle

5th met fxOne common location of a stress fracture in active athletes is in the 5th metatarsal or 5th bone of the foot, or in the Tibia or shin bone.

Some common signs and symptoms of a stress fracture are:

  • A deep nagging persistent pain, especially at night
  • Point tenderness
  • An inability to put weight on the foot without pain

If you are experiencing these symptoms make sure to visit your MD. You are diagnosed with a stress fracture through X-Ray, MRI or bone scan. Sometimes an X-ray may not pick up a stress fracture initially, so its important to be persistent with seeking care and rest if pain persists.  If you do have a stress fracture, the best thing you can do is rest. Depending on the location you may need a walking boot or crutches to allow the fracture to heal with less friction from every step.

If you have any questions please drop me a line: berryhappybodies@gmail.com

Energizing Juice

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Feeling a little sluggish? I think it’s normal, even if you didn’t eat Turkey. One way to begin to feel like yourself again is to drink a energizing juice. If you don’t have a juicer there are many companies that will ship to your house.

juice today5

When Ryan at Juice Today asked me if I would like to sample his product I immediately said yes, since I always feel so much better after drinking a nutrient filled Juice. The best part is they taste so yummy, and the variations are endless. My favorite was their Green Juice, it’s amazing how the combo is Tangy, yet so refreshing! For more options, check out their website.

juice today3If you have a juicer you can try this recipe below. So refreshing, and will give a little boost in your step to get back in your groove following the holiday.

Energizing Juice

kale, apple, lemon, celery juice2Ingredients

One handful of Kale, 4 stalks of Celery, One apple, One Lemon


Place all in juicer. Drink immediately.

Vegan Tacos

The transition to the Vegan lifestyle has been easier than expected. Who knew I would not miss that daily cheese stick or weekend sunny side egg? Even writing about them I have no desire for either. Especially after reading more about the cruelty in the meat industry (which includes dairy and eggs), I have switched to the other side more solidly.

Sean whipped up these easy Vegan Tacos with enough for leftovers during the week.

Vegan Tacos
Serves 4-6

vegan taco2

1 package of Trader Joe’s Organic 3 Grain Tempeh
1/4 cup Soy Sauce
1/4 Tsp Chili Powder
1 Tbsp Olive Oil
1 Chopped Onion
2 Minced Garlic Cloves
1 cup of Kale
1 sm. can Black Olives
1 can Black Beans
1 can Corn
1/4 Cup Vegan Cheese (I like Diaya)
Guacamole (click for homemade recipe)

1. Marinade Tempeh in Soy Sauce and Chili Powder.
2. While Tempeh is marinading, Saute Onions and garlic with Olive Oil until Onions carmelize, 5-7 minutes.
3. Add Tempeh to the Onion Mixture, and saute for another 5 minutes until Tempeh starts to brown.
4. Warm tortillas over open burner, flipping several times with a pair of tongs
5. Place Tempeh Onion Mixture over warm Tortilla, add remaining ingredients as toppings. Top with the Guacamole

vegan taco 4

Saving Up

As the Holiday season quickly approaches it is smart to take inventory now with how your body and mind are feeling.

lake hodges reverse warriorSometimes it is helpful to view your health as a bank account. When you take time to care for yourself it is like making deposits. The more deposits you make, the more you have to withdrawal during busy times, like the holidays.

When you have energy in your reserve then you feel less depleted and wiped. Which helps your mind to focus with family around pushing sensitive buttons. Instead of reacting to comments, you will have the energy to breathe, refocus and respond in a less argumentative manner, helping to prevent a cascade of heated tempers.

glorious sunsetTo help make deposits into your health bank account, take time to do things you enjoy and which replenish the system. For example, walks on the beach, play time with your pets, Yoga, meditation, or just reading a book. When you give to yourself you will have more left over to give to others which helps for a more relaxing holiday season. Taking care of yourself will also actually help your real bank account as well by preventing excess medical expenses down the road.

wiley beach walk