10 Minute Sausage and Egg Scramble Burrito

Today’s post is written by one of the fastest people I know to get up and out the door, my husband. Plus, he shows you the trick to keeping your homemade burritos from unraveling. I still have not mastered that yet….

Breakfast on the go? Try the 10 minute sausage and egg scramble burrito.

This one originated as the two egg scramble sandwich I used to make as a kid. Over time it has developed into the perfect burrito for the road.

The sausage takes about six minutes to cook so you want to get them started right away. I use a small frying pan and keep the lid on so they cook faster. Turn them 3 or so times so they brown evenly. While the sausages cook beat the eggs in a small bowl. When the sausages are just about done remove from the pan and cut them into bite size pieces. Remove excess grease from the pan with a paper towel. Place sausage bites back in the pan and add the butter.

Add the scrambled eggs and distribute sausage bites evenly.

While this frittata cooks (about two minutes) warm up the tortilla over the stove flipping rapidly (a few seconds per side). Flip the frittata once to cook both sides. Place the tortilla on aluminum foil on the stove to keep it warm. Place a pinch of cheese on the tortilla. Place the frittata over the cheese so it melts. Top with salsa fresca.

To make the burrito fold the top and bottom ends of the tortilla in about one inch. Then roll the remaining two sides into a firm wrap. The foil will help to hold it together and keep it warm for the ride to work.


2 chicken sausage links 100 cal

2 large eggs 180 cal

1 large flour tortilla 120 cal

1 tsp butter 30 cal

1 pinch shredded cheese 60 cal

2 tbsp salsa fresca 10 cal

Total: 500 cal

This is the ultimate breakfast food because the protein in the eggs and sausage jump start the brain cells and keeps me full until lunch time. I usually can only eat half of this burrito in the morning and the other half as a mid morning snack.

I also make a cup of espresso and steamed almond milk with a teaspoon of raw sugar to help clear the fog from my head. After this I’m ready for the morning email onslaught.

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